About Hua Yuan

Hua Yuan Organization Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a design-consultant studio which was founded in Singapore by Hangzhou Headway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd in 2009. The Headwaywas incorporated in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province in the year 2003, the former of which was founded in the year 1985 and named as Zhejiang Headway Construction and Real Estate Co., Ltd.


The Headway has successfully ventured its business to real estate industry since 1985. Within more than 28 years of development, the firm today has fully adopted a diversified development strategy, mainly focusing on real estate exploration supplemented by building construction, property management, hotel operation, etc. The Headway Real Estate has achieved numerous awards.

As one of pioneering design consultants in Singapore, Hua Yuan Organization has proudly delivered customized solutions and holistic suite of services to cover the entire industry value chain, providing a full spectrum of architecture, interior design and project management services.

Since 2009, we have greatly contributed to diverse types of projects such as Hospitality, F&B, High-end Residential and Commercial Mall. Some of our notable projects include Xixi Happy City in Hangzhou, Meilin Villa, Swan Villa, etc. With hard efforts of our delicate and innovative team, we have expanded our portfolio to mix-development and public infrastructure projects.

Our deep-rooted sense of professionalism and strong commitment to service excellence play vital roles in meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Our scientific internal management system ensures our high-efficient service, long-term development and core competence. Our brand “HYO” has gained recognition from clients and the design industry.


Hua Yuan Motto

Assiduity, Good Faith, Enterprise, Innovation

Hua Yuan Values

1. Pursuing excellence

The establishment of a professional forerunner’s status is based on the remarkable performances of all staff.

The idea of pursuing excellence should penetrate into each person, each matter, each service, and each product.

The essence of pursuing means never stop, pursuing unceasingly, and exceeding repeatedly.

2. Innovation

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship – the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

3. Solidified Cooperation

A company is combined by departments, and each department is the unification of personnel.

The heartfelt solidarity and the mutual coordination are essential for a successful organization.


Hua Yuan Prospect

Unremitting innovation, pursuing excellence, and obtaining the recognition of the profession forerunner’s status.


Our service covers from architectural design, interior design consultation to project management. Hua Yuan Singapore has a talented, hardworking and forward thinking team of professionals. We are confident in creating a leading design brand in Asia.